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Do you find yourself cuddling up to thousands of tiny bed bugs every night?

Bed Bug infestations have been on the rise lately, requiring the public to acquire professional exterminators or eradicators to rid their homes of these tiny blood suckers (cimex lectularius).  As the name implies, bed bugs are often found in the close proximity of beds because that is where their “meals” sleep at night.  Bed Bug infestations can often be found in the crevices of your bed springs, mattress, headboard, and surrounding furniture as well. Bed bugs are attracted to our bodies pheromones and the carbon dioxide that we exhale when we sleep and/or are inactive long enough for a bed bug and his buddies to latch on for a quick meal.  Due to this unique feeding routine, detecting a bed bug infestation is very difficult and can require the assistance of a San Diego County professional beg bug exterminator like Bye Bye Bed Bugs.

Currently, there are two main bed bug eradication methods, chemical or heat.  At Bye Bye Bed Bugs, a leading San Diego County eradication company, we apply the latest heat technologies available to rid your home of bed bugs once and for all.  You see, the thing with chemical treatment methods, is the use of harmful chemicals which can compromise your family’s health and your pets wellbeing.  Furthermore, due to the saturated use of chemical eradication, these little critters have build up a solid immunity to many of the current chemical treatments currently being applied by other bed bug exterminators abroad and North County, San Diego, and Southern California. As mentioned, Bye Bye Bed Bugs uses the best in dry heat extermination to clear your home of these nasty insects once and for all, because although bed bugs have built an immunity to chemical treatments, no bug can withstand 160 degree heat.  All living creatures have a thermal death point, bed bugs included. When you contract Bye Bye Bed Bugs to eradicate your home of bed bugs, you can rest assured that only one treatment will be needed, your family and pets will not be subjected to harmful chemicals that don’t always kill all the bed bugs, and most importantly our environment doesn’t get taxed any further.

If you’ve recently found a few bites after a nights sleep or nap, come across eggs, find shed skins from a juvenile bed bug, or rusty smears on the bed sheets, you should contact Bye Bye Bed Bugs ASAP so that one of our technicians can schedule an appointment to carefully inspect your home.  Once a thorough inspection has been completed our technician will provide you with a custom eradication plan for your home. Once an extermination treatment has been scheduled, you will only have to vacate the premise for one day, gaining entry at the completion.  Our process will take place on the agreed upon date and typically will not take any longer than 6-12 hours (dependent on size of dwelling).  Bye Bye Bed Bugs will provide you with a fast and effective treatment and we back our treatment method with a  30 day, 100 % guarantee.

So don’t hesitate any further, contact Bye Bye Bed Bugs today!

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