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Why are they called bed bugs?

As the name implies, these critters get their name because they’re typically found in close proximity to beds.  They pick beds, couches, recliners, and other furniture that warm blooded animals often spend extended amounts of time in, so they may feed inundated.  Although bed bug bites resemble mosquito and flea bites, a bed bug injects it’s victim with a natural anesthetic, enabling them to feed undetected.  Whereas a mosquito, flea bite, or spider bite may be felt right away.

Scientifically known as cimex lectularius, bed bugs are commonly transported into homes by hitching on to unsuspecting people and their belongings.  Once in your home, bed bugs quickly establish a base anywhere you or your family rest or sleep.  Although they reproduce by the numbers, an average lifespan of a bed bug is 7 to 12 months.  Bed Bugs retreat back to their safe hiding spot for days or even weeks until needing to feed again, making it hard to detect a bed bug problem until it’s too late and you require the assistance of a professional bed bug exterminator.  Similar to any kind of home infestation, the sooner a diagnosis occurs, the easier it will be to rid of any kind of bed bug problem.

If you find that you are no expert in finding bed bugs, you are not alone.  However, there are certain signs that the average person can look for in an effort to spot a bed bug problem in the early stages.   If you suspect that your bedroom or home has been intruded by bed bugs, some of the signs that they’ve been around are shed skins, fecal stains on bedding, or blood stains on  pajamas/bedding. Any signs of bed bugs should be taken serious and should be followed up with a professional assessment from an experienced San Diego Bed Bug Eradication Company with the credentials and proven track record that Bye Bye Bed Bugs possesses.

How to conduct an initial assessment for bed bugs in your home.

Obviously the majority of the population has never been formally trained in the “art” of bed bug detection. So confirming the presence of bed bugs requires very close examination of your entire bedroom, your bed mattress, mattress springs, bed framing, bedroom fixtures, and other bedroom furniture.  You should also inspect other areas in your home that you or your family spend extended amounts of time either resting or sleeping, like sofas or recliners.

If you suspect that you’ve got some bed bugs hanging out in your bedroom or home, there are a handful of signs you can look for as evidence of bed bug presence.  Carefully inspect your mattress, sheets, and other bedding for dark stains resulting from dried fecal matter left by a bed bug.  During this inspection, also keep your eye open for reddish stains on your bedding that may be a result of a crushed bed bug or a one that gorged itself.

Approximately 1/8 the size and shape of a grain of rice, bed bug eggs are also considered a clear sign of their presence, and can be found during a detailed inspection of your home.  The presence of bed bug eggs obviously means they were left there by an adult bed bug.  Adult bed bugs usually mature in about 30 days and hang around from 6-12 months, during which time they leave lots of evidence that they’ve staked up a spot near your bed or other resting area.  During this time a bed bug will shed its skin multiple times in a process called “ecdysis” within bed bugs instar stages of growth. A close inspection of your bed and bedding will uncover these exoskeletons if indeed you have a bed bug problem.

Either way, if you suspect that you’ve been a sleeping meal for some bed bugs lately, give us a call at Bye Bye Bed Bugs so that one of our technicians can schedule an appointment to throughly inspect your home.  If we find the presence of bed bugs in your home, we will set up a custom eradication plan to rid yourself and your home of these nasty invaders.  Don’t hesitate, contact the leading bed bug eradication company in San Diego County Today.