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Bed Bug Property Management For San Diego County.

Bed Bug Property Management For San Diego County.

Bed Bug Property Management For Carlsbad, North County, San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, and greater Southern California Area.


  • One day bed bug elimination turnaround on vacant and occupied residences.
  • Kills all bed bugs and eggs in hours, not weeks, with only 1 treatment.
  • Heat reaches areas that chemicals can not.
  • We o er nondescript trucks and equipment.
  • Tenants may keep mattresses and furniture if desired.
  • Optional canine detection post-treatment to certify bed bugs are gone.
  • Volume pricing available for established partners.
  • Bed bugs can easily move among different units in multifamily housing. Heat stops them immediately.

Bed Bugs and their influence on the NBA.

Even the NBA gets affected by bed bugs!

In late February, Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving had to leave a game early after due to symptoms associated with bed bugs at the the Skirvin Hilton.  The hotel recently sent out letters to the rest of the NBA teams scheduled to stay there, assuring them that all rooms had been treated for bed bugs.  Skirvin Hilton assured the NBA teams that a full extermination of bed bugs had been conducted and none could be found after an extensive inspection.


Click here for a link to the full story.

Bed Bugs found inside new headboard

Came across a recent article about a couple who purchased a new bed frame with a padded headboard.  When they got it all assembled at home they started noticing something strange about the padded headboard.  It was infested with bed bugs.  Upon further inspection, it was confirmed that the entire headboard was infested with bed bugs.

Just because something is new from the store, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been exposed to bed bugs at some point.  Always inspect any kind of furniture for any bed bugs before you purchase it.  You never know if you might be the next news headline about unexpected bed bugs being found in random places.

Here’s a link to that story so you can read more details.