What do bed bug droppings look like?

What do bed bug droppings look like?

Bed bugs have had a resurgence in recent years and combatting them has become a strenuous effort.  For years bed bug exterminators relied heavily on chemical based bed bug eradication, but that only added to the problem because it allowed bed bugs to build up a resistance or immunity to most chemical treatments.  Our San Diego bed bug extermination company applies a heat based bed bug eradication method that is guaranteed to work on the first application.  Although bed bugs have build up a resistance to pesticides, there’s no such thing as a heat resistant bed bug.

If you fear that you’re bed has been taken over by a bed bug infestation, there are a few steps you can take to verify a bed bug problem exists and just how bad the infestation may be.  First inspect your mattress, bed frame, and adjacent furniture like night stands, etc, for any bed bug skins that may have been shed during their molting process.  These skins look just like a bed bug, but obviously skins have a transparent appearance to them.   Also, look for any blood stains from gorged bed bugs or bugs that have been crushed during their feeding.

What do bed bug droppings look like?

One of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation are the dropping they leave behind that are rust colored because their poop is your digested blood.  These tiny red or rust colored dots can be found in small clusters on your bedding or mattress.  When checking your mattress, make sure you look for bed bug droppings in the corners of your mattress as well as the creases of your mattress.  Make sure you also inspect your box spring, because bed bugs love a dark place where they can’t be disturbed and will often times stake out a place in the box springs.

If you’ve recently woken up with small bites on your body, have found shed bed bug skins, bed bug droppings, or actual live bed bugs, please contact Bye Bye Bed Bugs today!  Our local San Diego based extermination company will arrange an inspection of your home and provide you with a detailed eradication process we can provide.  It doesn’t matter where in San Diego County you live, either!  Over the past decade, our bed bug extermination company has serviced homes, condos, apartments, and hotels in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla, Clairemont, Mission Valley, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Rancho Bernardo, and elsewhere in the greater San Diego area.

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