What do bed bug skins look like?

What do bed bug skins look like?

Bed Bug Skins, a sure sign you have an infestation.

Bed bugs get their names because they’re often found in close proximity to their food source, you!  Although they’re a pain to find, there are a few steps you can take to verify if you have a current infestation on your hands.  Make sure you inspect your bed and bedding for any bed bug droppings, dark blood stains, or shed bed bug skins, which are shed after a complete blood feeding during each of the 5 stages of their life.

What does a bed bug skin look like?

Shed during the molting process, bed bug skins look pretty much like a real bed bug, but these molted exoskeleton’s have a more transparent or lighter colored look to them.  Bed bug shed their skins during each of their 5 immature stages, therefore making it difficult to spot a bed bug infestation in its early stages due to a dominance of mature bed bugs.  Once the mating process takes place and newly hatched bed bugs go through each of their 5 stages of life, bed bug skins will be easier to spot.  These shed skins also don’t decompose at the same rate, resulting in a build up of bed bug skins.  Yuck!!!

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