Southern California RV Camping Season Almost Here

Southern California RV Camping Season Almost Here

With summer right around the corner, I’m sure many of you have scheduled a camping trip at some point.  Camping is always a great experience with your family, kids, and friends, and there are many services out there that make camping easier and cheaper for us.  One popular service is the rental RV’s that can be delivered to the campsite and picked up when you’re done.  While a very convenient service, it’s also a possible to pick up bed bugs from one of these RV rentals.  Most of these companies conduct a top to bottom cleaning and sanitizing of the vehicles, but just like a hotel room, bed bugs can go unnoticed if things get busy and some of the cleaning lapses a bit.

So make sure you inspect your rental RV before you use it!

Look around all the sleeping areas for the signs of a bed bug infestation like droppings, shed skins, blood stains, or bed bugs themselves.  Camping in our Southern California State or National Parks is supposed to be an enjoyable occasion with our loved ones.  Nothing like a bed bug infestation and a bunch of itchy red bumps to ruin a nice camping trip.

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