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Suzanne D.

Trever came to our home and took the time to listen to the details of our particular situation and then teach us how to prepare well so that the heat treatment would be as effective as possible. We’ve had zero problems with anything bedbug-related since and it’s now been over three months. I cannot say enough good things about Trever and his services.

Tyler S.

Bed Bugs are the unconventional four letter word in the hospitality industry. As a career manager of hotels, bed bugs are something we realize cannot always be avoided. Bye Bye Bed Bugs team are the people we rely on to remedy any situation or flair up within our hotels. Having a room out of inventory costs us money and we appreciate the one day turn around action plan they use. The extra mile their tech was willing to go at our request he had a conversation with one of our upset guests that discovered an infestation to soothe anxiety levels – (can not tell you how much we appreciate that). After a few experiences with bed bugs, in which we tried the chemical route, we still had bed bugs that resulted in an unfavorable “YELP” review from our guest. The B.B.B.B. tech came out and met with our staff to educate them on what to look for and how to approach a bed bug issue. As a result we only use heat treatments from Bye Bye Bed Bugs.

K Nguyen

We had our apartment sprayed 4 times by another company and still had bed bugs, which they said would be gone after 3. Then we had them heat it because they recommended it and we had read on the internet that it’s actually the best way. Never again, do your homework! Apparently all heat treatments are NOT the same. Make sure you ask how long? hot? and thorough (moving furniture etc.)? I wish we would have had this information before wasting our money on all the other efforts. I HIGHLY recommend Bye Bye Bed Bugs! One heat treatment in one day and we have not seen any since.